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Rällavägen 28

38792 Borgholm


Org. Nr SE731011417301

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Our vision.

As dedicated motorhome drivers, we have for almost 30 years experienced most things along both Sweden and Europe's campsites and pitches. We mainly started from about 2010 until today's date to see how big players took away the old honorable charm along our roads. Today it is usually cheaper to stay in a hotel than to spend the night at a campsite, we want to keep and create the genuine camping experience that it once was. Our facilities should offer exactly what a campsite should do to make camping easy and comfortable, but the highest priority is at a price everyone can afford. So with three facilities in Småland and Öland, we convey what we want a campsite to stand for. We welcome you all to one of Rälla Camp's facilities and hope you will enjoy being with us.

Daniel & Jenny on
Rälla Camp Sweden

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