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Rälla Camp Öland


Rälla Camp has now closed for the season, welcome back April 2024

We can boast of the best location along road 136 in the small village of Rälla, a stone's throw from the road in a slope is this wonderful pitch with around 30 pitches. We have Öland's most beautiful forest directly adjacent to the pitch, where you will find magical walking paths in picturesque Öland's nature. In the area there is also Europe's only American Diner from the 1950s, where a legendary American buffet is served during high season. Rälla Camp also offers its own meeting place "Bakgården" where everyone who is on the pitch has free entry. During high season, there is performance from the stage 3 days a week, this is one of the most unique arrangements in Europe on a stand. All this is framed at absolutely Sweden's best price for overnight stays.

Öland is Öland

Although with us a little cheaper

We are all different

Choose which service you want

Rälla Camp Öland offers the service you need, this makes us unique. You can choose to just book the place, then you can add if you want electricity, if you want access to a newly built service building with toilets and showers and opt for a talked about/anticipated American breakfast in the morning (during high season). We have chosen to create this pitch in this way so that you can choose how you want it during your stay with us. The pitches are bookable, so that means you can leave your spot and be sure that no one takes it. Our electric pitches have full capacity throughout the season, so to be sure, you should book in advance. The same applies to large events that the American Diner holds, then the seats will be sold out in just a few minutes. So remember to book your seats to be on the safe side.

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