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Welcome to the Outdoor Area Svartbäcksmåla.

Are you dreaming of a place where the beauty of nature meets an alp-like atmosphere? Then Svartbäcksmåla is the perfect destination along route 25, just 5 km from central Nybro. Experience the feeling of being abroad.

Electric Hookup Camping - Your Gem in Nature:

We proudly present 4 bookable electric hookup camping spots, where each spot is like a corner of paradise. When you book your spot, it is exclusively yours - no one else can take it from you. Perfect for exploring the area's activities and then returning to your peaceful oasis.

Impressive Activities:

Svartbäcksmåla is not just a camping spot; it is a destination full of activities. Explore hiking trails or embark on a bike ride in the magnificent nature. There's something for every adventurous soul!

Book Before It's Too Late:

Our electric hookup spots are in high demand and book quickly. To ensure you get to enjoy the exclusive experience, we recommend booking your spot in advance.

Service with Extra Everything:

When you choose Svartbäcksmåla, you're not just choosing a camping spot; you're choosing a service with extra everything. Our goal is to make your stay memorable and comfortable, so you can focus on enjoying the best of nature. You are provided with toilets, showers, and a sauna included in the camping fee.

Book Your Spot Now:

A visit to Svartbäcksmåla is like giving yourself a break from everyday life and discovering the beauty that Sweden has to offer. Book your electric hookup spot now and become a part of those who appreciate the very best in outdoor living!


Service extra everything

at the pitch.

A pitch with extra everything, Svartbäcksmåla may be the freshest pitch in Sweden with a service you don't even find at a large campsite. As a guest at the pitch, you have free access to new fresh toilets adjacent to the pitch, and in the cabin at the top you will find new showers and a newly built sauna with a view of nature. All these facilities are open from 07:00 - 21:00 at which time they are closed for cleaning and so that they are not used. So keep in mind that after 21:00 all this is locked. But the rest of the time you use this freely as a booked guest at our pitch.

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